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VidMozo by Dr. Amit PareekVidMozo, the brainchild, and an invention of Dr. Amit Pareek is a cloud-based application cum software intended to serve mainly the following online needs:

optimizing SEO affiliate sites and curating quality videos and content to direct real-time online traffic.

It sounds like you would still need to do a bit of tinkering, but that isn’t the case here at all. It stands out in an impressive way – it gets you commissions and leads via automation, making it a 100% hands-free, simple, no-hassle method.

What makes VidMozo different?

Here are the top commendable features you have to know. The features all available on the official website, however, let me give a limelight to them!

Cloud-based video site

In the digital world of business and marketing, videos are the quickest and most powerful tools you can use to reach a mass or specific group
of people.

This is what the software gets you to do – create your own video site that later turns into an independent source that gets you the sales and traffic you want.

You no longer need to have your own domain or host, as it’s totally free to create subdomains – after package purchase – within your video site. However, the number of subdomains you can create may be limited to the package you choose.

Automated Video Curation and Advertising System

Curating videos can be tedious and frustrating amidst a busy schedule. As soon as your video site is set up, you’ll have the option of searching for quality videos by keyword for display.

You get to pick the viral and quality video content harvested from authoritative sites. From there, the system will post, keep track, and measure the reach for you.

In addition to that, users who want to promote products, services, or build email lists can enlist the system’s help for autopilot popup advertising.

Backlink Building

For every new video you add, the software will create and submit a sitemap to Google using RSS creation. This will then spread your post to more
websites, exposing you to further sources that will provide you backlinks for your videos.

Social Media Traffic

The software takes advantage of Facebook’s powerful reach – helping drive hundreds and maybe even thousands of visitors to your videos. It also has pre-fixed tools for social media sharing, meaning you can access user comments, email video scripts, share certain posts, or even embed code.

Instant Analytics

If you deploy several, different campaigns within a given period, then a system that provides automated analytics would make total sense. The stats you need to measure reach, engagement rates, play and engagement time can be all provided by the software.

Moreover, you can compare two videos and determine which one has a higher conversion rate. You can also remove poorly performing videos.

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How Does It Work?

The software is amazingly simple! You will be given the opportunity to create a video site of your own after you successfully purchase a package.

First and foremost, you will have to create a name for your video site. After doing so, the software will immediately create a subdomain of the VidMozo website.

As your site will naturally be bare, you will have to create categories. Categories can be easily added to and viewed at the menu bar.

If you want to use readymade videos from YouTube or Vimeo, you will only need to type in a keyword to curate viral or top-quality videos. If you want to use your own videos, however, you are free to upload them to your site.

Your cloud storage depends on the package you purchased – the most basic one you can get can already give you a gigabyte.

After choosing the videos you want to use, paste in your affiliate link to start automated marketing.

The last step is to sit back and relax as you watch the software do its job as a social, SEO, and viral traffic-harvester.

A Complete Software Demo

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Final Thoughts

review-rating-45VidMozo is inarguably a product of genius marketing made simple. It does not oversimplify the method of affiliate marketing as it does not dismiss important elements such as engagement and performance, and it does not only stick to the popular online niches you know.

It provides enough sub-tools you need to know how your business or businesses are performing.

Cost of VidMozo Software

There are currently 4 packages of the software: 1 Front End and 3 OTOS.

  • Front End provides the basic features you will need to boost sales for one product or service, and the others unlock advanced features such as unlimited video sites and viral page customization.Before choosing a package, it’s best to assess what you might be needing the software for. If you’re an affiliate marketer, a package with advanced features may give you the power to command more growth and harvest more commissions.If you want to see how you can develop your small business, the Front End package will do.

    The pros are all evident in the features offered, however, there are plausible DISADVANTAGES that you should be aware of. As it is cloud-based, it could be prone to cybercriminal activity.

    Not much info on its security has been disclosed, so users who are not necessarily tech-savvy may have no idea of the software’s security measures.

    On the other hand, if you want to afford the same kind of marketing for another business you own or manage but still don’t have the means to invest in a bigger package, then you might have to wait until you earn enough from the current package you own.

    On the upside, the software is proofed, meaning it does have a growing support base of clients. Overall a great example of 30/70 rule – 30% input, 70% output.

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