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VideoSkins Review & RatingHey there! I have a great product to tell you about today—I tested it out and was blown away by how ridiculously easy and streamlined it was to use!

This is going to be the product that changed my video-making career…and yours too. This is “VideoSkins,” by Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens.

VideoSkins” can mean just about anything—so, what is it? And how is it better than other video making and hosting software? Don’t worry; I have all the answers you’ll need.

Presently not been sold…

What Is VideoSkins?

There are a huge number of video making, hosting and producing products on the market. Sifting through that software, you might find a few gems, but you’re going to make your way through a lot of duds first. Believe me, I’ve been there.

It’s a frustrating chore when all you want to do is host a video on your webpage or store. Copycat software tends to be a huge rip-off, too, there for show while the ‘creators’ walk away with your money.

But you don’t need to be skeptical of Sam and Brad’s work. First of all, this isn’t their first software and it definitely won’t be the last.

They’ve worked in the realm of video for some time, but this time, they produced software that blew their other projects out of the water.

The entirely customizable video producing and hosting product will make your videos work for you…much more than just a flash in the pan.

I’ve only been using VideoSkins for a short while, but from the very first test day I was immediately impressed. I could tell that VideoSkins was video hosting software.

I know just how heavily video plays a role in Internet sales. Video can boost sales tenfold! I wasn’t prepared, however, for just how much VideoSkins would do for my webpage.

VideoSkins doesn’t just produce videos—the software is a video “envelope” that’s entirely customizable and lets you drag and drop calls to action directly into the video. This software will change the game in upping ad sales revenue.

How VideoSkins Works?

Sam Bakker explains it best—all the best products at the turn of the century have all been video-based products. Now that Internet marketing is reaching its ever-rising peak, websites have to stand out from their competitors and find ways to market their brand in innovative ways.

Obviously, that means eye-catching professional-grade videography. Sam calls VideoSkins a new way for users to host video and “call your visitors to act.” They’re “100% customizable” and drag-and-drop optimized.

No uploading or copy and pasting—you can drag-and-drop any call to action you want into VideoSkins. The smart software will optimize all videos with calls to action.

Basically, VideoSkins as a “SaaS tool” that will help you build, manage, and beef up video they produce and add to their websites. Most importantly, you don’t just make and upload video like a common video player.

This skin software lets you entirely customize sales videos and brand videos, for themselves or other clients. I was able to add working links, buttons, text and more to my videos.

Plus, I could color-coordinate everything, from the play button to the menu bar, to match my store logo and branding!

The software includes templates, but you can make their own by customizing all sorts of different features. Just some of these features include:

  • playback buttons and bars,
  • PayPal buttons,
  • opt-in forms,
  • call-to-action buttons and more.

These features appear inside the video itself, so that the viewer doesn’t even have to leave the video to act on one of your deals.

My VideoSkins Review

Sam asks a great question: with everyone trying to sell to everyone…what are you doing to stand out? The answer should be that you’re using Video Skins.

Sam demonstrates that VideoSkins is compatible with any video playing service, like YouTube and Vimeo, in addition to being entirely customizable.

When I started using VideoSkins, I was amazed by all the features a new user could find and activate immediately—no extra clicks, coding, demos or long instruction processes. I could customize my own playback bar, play button, brand logo, and all kinds of URL-linked calls-to-action.

I could change these features to any size, opacity, and color, to match my brand image and make my videos truly professional grade. Then, I saw my revenue go up and up!

Video keeps customers glued to the screen and makes it harder for them to walk away. My sales doubled, even tripled, with added video.

It’s okay if you’re raising your eyebrows. This much success sounds too good to be true. But, for once, this product actually is too good to be true. Sam and Brad are just that great at what they do. By the time I really put the product to use, there was no contest.

VideoSkins is a completely viable product that anyone can use, for any project or purpose.

That leaves just one question: why am I giving away what’s soon to be the most valuable trade secret?

Because I want everyone to get in on the kinds of profits you can yield for your business through video advertising. Internet marketing can sometimes seem confusing, even shrouded in stigma.

New marketers don’t know where to start, or don’t know the science behind the marketing, and are left confused and susceptible to people selling poor products.

Once everyone gets educated about the best of the best products in their field, everyone can profit and everyone can help each other.

If you’re serious about taking your brand to the top, the next step you should take is professional quality video. That’s where VideoSkins comes in.

The proof is in the pudding—VideoSkins show users point-blank how well their product works and how useful their product will be for anyone lucky enough to use the software.

VideoSkins is a video creating, editing, and branding software that helps users streamline videos into their branded webpages.

I would absolutely recommend this product to anybody. Sam and Brad know that anyone will love this amazing product.

Click here to see the Demo and full feature list of VideoSkins

Presently not been sold…

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