Tube Rank Explosion Review

Tube Rank ExplosionThere was this time when posting videos was just an afterthought for everyone, but today, Google brings in over a billion visitors monthly on videos and so does YouTube.

What does that mean to a marketer, that there is a huge untapped opportunity indeed. Well, posting a video is no issue, you can literally do that in mere minutes; the problem is ranking it on top of the search engine, whether on YouTube or Google.

Tube Rank Explosion is one of the complete over the shoulder video training course that has received a lot of hype in the past few months. Here is out non-biased Tube Rank Explosion Review.

What exactly is Tube Rank Explosion?

Tube Rank ExplosionThe Tube Rank Explosion is simply an ultimate guide, that helps you to optimize, rank and get more returns with videos.

It’s one of the complete training you probably have come across, coming from an expert who has been able to earn 3 to 4 figures in a month.

Lenny Rowell, the creator of this course is an underground Guru who have been ranking videos and seen practical results.

What to expect from Tube Rank Explosion?

Tube Rank Explosion GuideThere are over 40 high-quality training videos broken down in the process that the creators have found useful in dominating the search engine, from the basic to the most advanced stuff.

Google is getting smarter, so those old days of spamming a video with a link back do not work anymore, but with this course, you will learn nor just how to rank but how to continuously remain at the top.

Normally, there are three videos to show on the search result, that where you want to be.

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What You Get?

Members have access to the Facebook support group for question and advice. Other than the video ranking blueprint, here is an overview of what to find inside the course.

Module #1: Niche research and Product selection

You will find guidelines on how:

  • Choose a profitable niche
  • Product that sells
  • And over the shoulder

Module #2: In his section, you will find:

  • Secret wars to identify the right buyer’s keywords
  • Lennie’s list keyword ranking method

Module #3: here is a full channel setup where you will get ultimate channel mastery

Module #4: This module has tips to upload boot camps

  • Tips that will boost ranking when uploading video

Module #5: Here you will uncover the underground SEO mastery

  • How those underground pros really do it
  • How to receive like, comments, Embeds, and powerful backlinks
  • How to use gray and white method to rank at the top like gangbusters

What about the costs and upsells?

It is quite common to see several upsells after purchase. Now, the front end with complete step video training on how to rank a video on top is $16.95. This training will include a marketing plan to apply the ranking to a long term generating income.

If you want the step by step hand with a PDF, you can go for the $27 upsell and receive full video walk through the training.

Upsell 1: A $37 upsell has a compare case study from Lenny that was able to generate $775 in just a month. You will learn how to set up just a little income generating system to help build a list of clients as you make affiliate sales at the same time.

Upsell 2: If you want a 100% assurance that you will make money with the product, the Tube Rank explosion offers a YouTube ads Training for $97. With this complete training, you will learn ways to harness the power of Display burners as well as how not encoder exact targeting to run ads successfully.

The good and the bad of Tube Rank Explosion
  • Easy to do training videos and easily understood by anyone.
  • Profitable, as you one will learn about untapped keywords in YouTube.
  • You do not need a lot of money to get started.
  • Total peace of mind as the investment comes with 100% satisfaction as well as money back guarantee of 30 days.
Any Problems?

There are not many cons on tube rank explosion, however, users have claimed that the support respond is slow.

Also, if you are not comfortable doing videos getting a good result would be impossible, if you are great this course is worthwhile.

So, my Final Verdict

The Tube rank explosion is indeed an efficient product in your marketing strategies. If you really need to start ranking on top and making reasonable money with YouTube video, this is an investment to consider.

The fact that there is a full money back guarantee is one assurance that the owner of the course is pretty much certain, you will find it a worthwhile investment.

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