Top IM Courses

What I mean are the Top Internet Marketing Courses. Now, they are not online certified courses or diploma programs, but online money making courses specially built to train you with video tutorials and resource sections.

Such courses are offered in the form of digital membership sites where you simply log in and start your learning. You have a support desk to email all your concerns. When you complete the course, you do not necessarily get or certificate or letter of completion.

Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal

Inbox Blueprint by Anik SingalAn email marketing course based on building an email list and making massive recurring income online. It involves few investments but pays off within a month with double return on investment. Click here to know more…

The Video Traffic Academy by James Wedmore

Video Traffic Academy by James WedmoreA YouTube video marketing course that helps you drive traffic, generate leads and help boost your revenue. It includes 5 modules where will learn how to make great videos that rank high in Google and get massive results.