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The Circle of Profit by Anik SingalThe Circle of Profit is a book authored by internet marketer and business entrepreneur – Anik Singal.

Anik has previously written a few books named, “Passion to Profit”, and “The Email Lifeline”. Both the books have been compiled with a step-by-step strategy for profit generation that’s nearly flawless.

Passion to Profit focuses on how to start your own online business, teaching the 7 simple steps to turning your passion into rewarding profits. While, The Email Lifeline focuses on teaching how to increase your email-marketing profits by 300% using a simple formula.

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Based on the success of both the books and being #1 Amazon best seller, Anik clubbed the teachings in them into one complete book naming it, The Circle of Profit (Edition #1 launched in 2015 and Edition #2 in 2016).

What exactly is the Circle of Profit?

The Circle of Profit Book - Edition #2 Released 2016The Circle of Profit (COP) is a book which provides cutting-edge approach teaching you how to launch your own digital publishing business and build a sustainable relationship with your email list.

In simple words, it’s an eight step method to convert your passion into a business. Easier said than done, because it does require quite a bit of work to follow those eight steps. But if you’re like me, you’ll invest your time into it and work really hard until you succeed.

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What you get?

Ordering the free copy of The Circle of Profit book, you get access to the online version of the book totally at NO COST. The online version (members area) has the book divided into chapters including:

  • Audio version of the book,
  • 6 amazing bonuses,
  • Access to 3 Income workshops,
  • $1 Million case study
  • Email masters club, and,
  • Pre-recorded virtual weekend webinars teaching you everything step-by-step.

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To Conclude

Anik Singal actually reveals the ‘Circle of Profit’ business model that he himself used to create his online business empire. I am following him for 5 years and have seen his exponential growth. He genuinely knows his stuff and just the fact that he’s giving away his entire business model for free makes it even more special.

By the way, here are the eight steps I mentioned above:

1.  Passion Product

First of all,  you have to discover your passion. What’s the niche you’re most interested in. What’s the niche you can talk about or write about. If you build an info-product that’s around your passions, then you’re already a winner.

2. Opt-in Page

If there’s one thing I know to be true – its that if you’re doing an online business and not capturing subscribers, you probably are missing something really big. The best way to get subscribers is to drive traffic to an optin page and give them something for free in exchange for their email address.

3. Autoresponders and Newsletters

Now, that you have your email subscribers, what do you do with them? You send them emails of course. You’ll probably have to set an autoresponder sequence for the first few days and then send them periodic newsletters about your latest product, give them more free stuff, and promote other products for a handsome commission.

Turn your Passion into Profit

4. Get traffic 

The fastest and easiest way to get traffic is to buy it from targeted sources. Traffic is the lifeline of every online business and he reveals some interesting ways in which you can drive traffic. But ‘where’ to drive traffic to, you may ask?

5. Affiliates, Relationships, and Networking

Anik really knows his networking. He’s built relationships with the greats like Bob Proctor and Robert Kiyosaki. I don’t really have his black book but I’m pretty sure he’s met all the big names in the online business industry. Affiliates drive traffic to your passion product – get you more subscribers and more sales.

6. Sales Funnels

You need to know how to draft a proper sales message – written, audio, or video. Sales funnels are the key to multiplying your revenues. Simply adding one killer upsell increases your bottom line. Sales funnels are delicate things and need to be tested heavily before making them live. A highly converting sales funnel is a dream come true for affiliates.

7. Backend

You have your leads and you have your sales. What do you do with them. Well, as with every other business – you sell them more stuff. Don’t be shy. Selling is good. Selling is necessary. Selling makes a rusty website into a full-time business. There are a lot of ways to upsell customers. And you should do them.

8. Profit

Once you have everything down and connected – you launch your products. Either a full-blown time-sensitive launch or a rolling launch. You decide. That’s when you make your money. And what do you do with the profit you make? You re-invest it into growing your business. Make more products around your passions, drive more subscribers through your optin page, and create an authority in your niche.

That’s basically just an outline of what you need to do. If you want the full-blown details with stories, case studies, and Anik’s marvellous business strategies – then please click the link below to read The Circle of Profit.

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