Profit Academy by Anik Singal – A Review

Profit Academy Review & RatingAnik is presently selling Inbox Blueprint program which is based on email marketing strategy.

I’m always intrigued when Anik Singal launches something, and when I first heard about Profit Academy – I had my doubts.

But having spent some time studying the course, looking into people who have actually attended his workshops, and by introspecting my own business – I have come to a conclusion that this may be Anik’s best product to date.

I’m not an easy man to please and since I’ve pretty much done everything related to Internet Marketing in the last 9 years, I’m probably one of the best people to tell you all about Profit Academy. I’m also giving away a PRICELESS BONUS, so keep reading.

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Most products out there reek

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars buying internet marketing training products over the years. Most of them are disappointing. Most of them assert big claims in their fancy sales videos and when you buy into that hype, all that’s waiting on the other side is unexpected costs, and an upsell to make you spend more.

To be honest, I actually stopped buying IM products for a couple of years.

But this one guy always intrigued me

Having learnt from him so much over the years, I have developed immense respect for that guy. He brought in a couple of products every year – always fresh and exciting.

Whenever I heard this guy was launching a product, I used to sit in front of the computer screen clicking the refresh button to make sure I was the FIRST person who bought his products. Mostly I wasn’t – because his products sold like butterscotch ice-cream, but it didn’t matter.

I attribute most of my online business success to this guy because his innovative and cutting-edge marketing advice was not only informative but actually lead to defining moments in my business.

I learnt PPC, Affiliate marketing, sales funnels, product launches, email marketing, networking, list building, advertising, and about 47 other things from his products.

His name is Anik Singal

Anik SingalAnik is a household name among internet marketers all over the planet. He has a huge following and his workshops sell out faster than you can say ‘I want in’.

He single-handedly defined the direction in which the entire industry has headed several times in the last decade and he continues to do so. Having said such mushy things, Anik, I do hope you read this and if you do – call me maybe. I’m a big fan.

That’s all nice and dandy… But what about YOU?!?

Let’s talk about you for a moment. You’re sitting in your office, or at home, or on your commute as you read this. You’re either new to internet marketing, or you’ve been doing stuff here and there but not reached anywhere near the kind of success you want.

You have passions. Don’t worry if you don’t know what they are yet – Profit Academy will teach you how to discover your passions. When you work with your passions – its effortless, easy, and exciting.

You have goals. You’ve heard so many people tell you that the internet lifestyle is awesome and you’ve dreamt about sitting on that Hawaiian beach with your laptop sipping pina-coladas.

You have financial burden. Don’t be ashamed to admit it. If you’re here reading this review – you probably want more money and a black card for good measure.

Going by personal experience, once you begin the Profit Academy journey – making money will be the least of your concerns because when you work with a plan, it rains money. Always. You just need to invest the time and effort.

You have a job. But you want to quit that job. You want to go to office one day with your resignation letter in hand and kindly place it on your boss’ desk; and silently walk out forever.

You have a family. And you want to take care of your family because they deserve all the happiness in the world. Listen up close. Your family’s happiness is directly proportional to YOUR happiness.

So start taking the steps needed that will make you happy.

So what should YOU do?

You’ve probably read The Circle of Profit, seen the case studies, watched the videos, read those emails promoting Profit Academy, and now you want to decide if you should invest in Profit Academy or not.

I don’t want to re-iterate the obvious details about the product and I’m sure you don’t want a refresher too. So let’s get down to the facts. If you check on ALL the points mentioned below, then I think you should invest in Profit Academy:

  • You can invest $3000 without causing financial burden on yourself and your family.
  • You are willing to spend at least 2-3 hours every day for at least one month implementing Profit Academy’s step-by-step training.
  • You are serious about starting your own business and will invest the time and effort needed to build it.
  • You know how to operate a computer comfortably – like mouse, keyboard, power on/off.
  • You will go through the COMPLETE Profit Academy training and not buy the next IM product that launches this/next month.

If you agree to all these points, then click here and start your journey.

Here’s the bitter truth

It’s an expensive product. Even though its worth every penny, I know spending $3000 is not easy especially if you’re short on funds.

If investing in Profit Academy will drain out your bank account, max out your credit card, or cause a fight with your spouse when you tell him/her about it – then please don’t buy it. Please don’t.

There’s no point living restless for the next few days until you recover your investment. I only wish the best for you and I think its extremely difficult to focus on building a business when you have an emergency cash crunch.

If you have the funds available to invest into your training and business – then don’t wait a second longer and get in while there’s still time.

FREE BONUS if you buy from my link

Here’s the deal… I get paid a commission when you buy Profit Academy through my link. That being said, I only promote the products that I genuinely believe in. And as I told you before, one of my passions is to help people out.

I will help you every step of the way!

Granted you’ll have coaches, support, training, and a lot of cool stuff inside Profit Academy, but if you buy through my link – You will get my undivided attention for the next 60 days.

Profit Academy Bonuses


I will personally answer all your questions, review your progress, suggest changes, improve your conversions, optimize your funnels, and be your mentor all through your journey.  Value: $2999

Bonus #2

I will send 1000 clicks to your offer if its in the PD/IM niche. My list is highly responsive and converts really well. This could well mean over 600 quality subscribers for you.  Value: $1499

Bonus #3

I will also get on a live Q&A webinar and have an intimate session where I’ll answer all your questions and you’ll get to see me LIVE working magic on your funnels.  Value: $999

Bonus #4

I will share some amazing marketing strategies that I’ve been working on over the last couple of months. I’m on track to making $10,000/mo with those strategies. And don’t worry. They will align perfectly with what you’re taught in Profit Academy  Value: $999

To get these bonuses, simply click the link below and buy Profit Academy. Then email me your order receipt:

I will get in touch with you personally and give you a surprise gift in the welcome email.

I don’t need to add up the values and show you a nice handsome figure – you’re smart and you know the value I’m giving away is priceless. You get all my expertise and experience at your disposal and that’s a heck of a way to start your online business. I’m looking forward to working with you.

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