PressPlay 2.0 Review

PressPlay 2.0 Review

PressPlay 2.0 Review

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The PressPlay 2.0 Software is outstanding

Once you see some of the new features, including the fully dynamic user-behavioral" response videos, I know your jaw is going to drop and your mind will start spinning with new ideas. Remember to watch the DEMO video below!

PressPlay 2.0 is considered as one of the most powerful customizable video player on the market with a completely new design interface and new ground breaking features.

If used correctly, this software can substantially increase traffic to your website. And more traffic will naturally lead to more sales.

PressPlay 2.0In this cut throat era of competition, marketing your business is very important to stay competitive.

And in the past few years, videos have emerged as an extremely effective marketing tool that helps boosts conversion and sales.

PressPlay is one of its kind; a very powerful video editing software which allows you to create amazing videos for your brand in just a few minutes.

Businesses have largely used PressPlay 1.0 version (released in 2014) to create video sales pages to grab the attention of thousands of people and convert them into sales with the use of amazing PressPlay elements.

The elements included social sharing controls, video backgrounds and templates, detailed analytics of user behaviour and lead generation capabilities.

Looking at the success and lots of positive reviews received from all around the globe, the creators of PressPlay, Mark Thompson and Matt Callen decided to come up with a more exciting version named “PressPlay 2.0”.

What is PressPlay 2.0 all about?

PressPlay 2.0 is considered as one of the most powerful customizable video player on the market with a completely new design interface and new ground breaking features.

If used correctly, this software can substantially increase traffic to your website. And more traffic will naturally lead to more sales.

Some of the best features about this product are:

There are many superior features that the PressPlay version 2.0 has over the version 1.0. These features are as follows.

Control the video

Video ControlThe video controls of the PressPlay version 2.0 has been upgraded and is much more interactive than the earlier version.

This gives you a lot of freedom to insert the needed, and change the characteristics of the video.

The options to put the watermark of the company, the name and email of the company, the insertion of the Call to Action or CTA button and the option to share on social media networks are some of the key features that has been added in the new version.

Video player controls

Video ControlThe video when being viewed by the users has to be set in a correct way. If not, the customers will be unsatisfied.

The version 2.0 of PressPlay offers the ability to control the video players‘ skins, graphics and watermarks so that you will be able to give the customers the perfect viewing experience.

Viewer experience control

Video ControlDifferent audiences need different attention levels in order for you to attract them towards the product that you are marketing.

PressPlay 2.0 offers the customization of the product video towards the audience.

For example, the options can be set differently for those who are over 40 and under 40 making the product details much clearer and for those over 40.

The software also features a resume playback option which stops when the customer leaves or navigates the page and resumes the play option from where they stopped when they return back.

Lead generation and Sales control

The newly added options like share gate and CTA gate allows the viewers the ability to have different options to the video.

  • Share gate interrupts the viewers Share Controlasking them whether they want to share the video on social media networks.
  • CTA Gate allows the audience to go to sites that the uploader of the video sets when they click on the interactive pictures and texts that pops up in the video.

The beautiful and eye catching skins and graphics that will attract the viewers can be created by the Lead gate and Overlay annotation technologies that have been added in the PressPlay version 2.0.

Insights and analytics

AnalyticsThe software has been upgraded so that number of viewers who view the video can be seen. This is done by the Engagement gap.

The viewer based tracking allows you to know how the customers have reacted to your video.

These features are topped up with google analytics where it helps to track all the important engagement that has been done on your site.

Embed everywhere

Using the embed code, you are able to embed the video anywhere and get the features of PressPlay. All you have to do is simply copy and paste the video. The playlist can also be created according to your wishes.

Click Here to Know More About PressPlay 2.0 Software

How it Works?

Once you land on your dashboard, the software asks you to “create a new video campaign”, after which you are taken to the video editor where you can customize your video in any way you want.

PressPlay - Video BehaviorUnder the video editor, you will find all the video settings like video behavior, video appearance and watermark.

Each setting includes a number of elements like video auto play and pause, selecting video skins and controls, and choosing the source from where the video has to be picked.

Each of the element can further be customized to meet your needs. For example, for “Auto Play” the below settings can be updated:

PressPlay - Video AutoPlay Elements

Similarly, within each element you can play around with the settings. Let’s have a quick walkthrough of the pressplay dashboard so you clearly understand what all the tool can do to your video 🙂

A quick demo of the PressPlay 2.0 app dashboard

The reason to purchase PressPlay?

There are many video marketing software available in the market, but the reason that PressPlay stands out from the rest are many. The main reason is that when using PressPlay you don’t need a programmer or designer to design your marketing video.

The other reasons that will come alongside the software like.

  • Video Skins
  • Amazon S3 Integration
  • Page Builder
  • Landing Page Templates
  • SMART Behavior Features
  • YouTube Integration
  • SMART Video Features
  • Auto-Responder Integration within Video
  • Timed Call to Actions on Landing Page
  • Auto-Responder on Landing Page
  • Facebook Integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Timed Call to Actions within the Video
  • Add/Remove Branding
  • Simple WordPress Integration

What is the Price of the pressplay software?

PressPlay version 2.0 has two payment plans,

  1. Join PressPlay$197/year for the annual subscription which is highly affordable since you will able to create your own website without the need of the designer and programmer.
  2. The monthly subscription of the software is $27.

Alongside, you are definitely offered a few upsells which are completely optional and you can skip the sales pages right at the bottom of the page (click no thanks).

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

The Upsells are:

  • Video Squeeze Pack$97 (one-time offer)
  • Agency License$197 (one-time fee)
  • EasyVSL v2.0$67 for the first month and then $9.99/month

My Final Verdict

PressPlay is jam-packed with features to offer you complete control over your videos and can help your brand grow.

Click Here to Join PressPlay Now!The most powerful custom video player has even…

  • More control.
  • More customizations.
  • More list building and revenue-generating features.
  • More analytics.

…and of course, without ever paying a single penny for video hosting.

No matter what type of website or business you own – we all know that VIDEO is the future of marketing.

PressPlay is a must to have in your marketer’s toolkit!

Click Here to Get Instant Access to PressPlay 2.0 Software

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