Marketers Vault Review

Hands down, Marketers Vault is the best tool or guide or whatever you prefer to call it.

These books by Mark Thompson will help just about anyone find the best in demand digital product, get it in front of potential clients in record time, scale, and make profits equalling you’re a year’s salary in a matter of days.

I know that sounds like a hoax and I thought so too when I first came across this tool. However, a few months down the line and I am raking in more than I could have imagined. Well, you might not believe me, and why should you?

Nevertheless, before I got the Marketers Vault, I checked out some businesses that have started and succeeded using this tool and I was surprised. They include LeadGrab, Emailspike, Voicestak and Heatman Tracker. These I found out are all 6 and 7 figure businesses.

The marketer’s vault is a complete package that will help you from research to marketing and scaling. That might seem like a lot to cover but the tool is well worth it.

It entails the research machine, profit machine, the launch code and funnel code. Okay, I agree that this is a lot of jargon, but it is simply a set of manuscripts that will do more than help you find, market, and scale your business.

1. The Research Machine

As an entrepreneurship aficionado, I had tried my hand in business a couple of times but was unsuccessful.Partly because I trusted my gut over proven research. This I would later come to find out is the number one reason why most businesses fail early on.

Luckily though I stumbled across this Marketers Vault and one of the tools, The Research Machine, was quite useful during research. The tool enlightened me on advanced google trends that helped me determine the Longevity of my business.

It also instilled in me the skills to keep research simple, and also taught me a five second trick of determining if my audience was profitable.

Other skills I learnt and which you too stand to gain include:

  • The types of niches you should never invest in regardless of the profits others are making.
  • How to pick the perfect niche and avoid pitfalls,
  • FBI profiler’s tactics and how to use them in business to find the right audience.
  • Tricks to beating competitors and how to feed the crowd what they need.

By and Large, this was the benchmark of whether my product would fail or succeed.

2. The Profit Machine

So, after I had done my research with the help of The Research Machine, the profit machine offered steps on how to profit from digital products. It helped me debunk the myths that you must have prior experience, take months designing your product to getting the product released.

With The Profit Machine, I created a product in and was out of the door in less than 2 weeks. Mind you, this I considered a failure as others had done it in less than a week.

Having said that, this book provided me with an email template that helped me learn my audience’s desires. I also learnt, 6 simple ways that helped me in creating my product, made me be 100% sure my
product would sell and also taught me how to make people believe everything I say.

From this book, I also learnt:

  • How to be effective and turn 30 minutes of work into a product.
  • How to take other people’s products, repackage and sell legally.
  • A solution for product creation by outsourcing and all at a cost of $1.

3. The Launch Code

The Marketers Vault went the extra mile by educating me on the importance of the launch phase. This was the precedent for the success of my product.

I thought I had it figured out with The Research and Profit Machines, but I later came to learn the vitality of the launch phase. I picked tips on how to increase my audience and was able to do so by a factor of 7.

A trick in this book also helped me increase my sales by 35%. Incredible, right? The lesson on the best product launch timeline ensured that my product launch was successful, plus I learnt of the only person you need to treat like royalty to ensure your launch success.

4. The Funnel Code

When I thought that was enough, the Marketers Vault surprised me with this funnel code. It consists of 3 score mind maps. They came in handy and helped me improve not only my digital product but also my physical business.

Generally, the Marketers Vault is a tool that all budding entrepreneurs must have. Very grateful to Mark Thompson for all this greatness in one package.

Author: nishagarg

An affiliate marketer cum blogger. I love writing IM product reviews as Internet Marketing is my PASSION. Have many things on my plate to accomplish, but I strongly believe in the phrase "Slow and Steady WINS The RACE".

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  1. Sometimes I question the internet and what is posted? Honestly, the internet used to be a different place, although it seems to be changing for the better. What do you think?

    1. Hi Franklyn, of course, it has changed now. It is all internet of things. People are using it for several purposes and making it an asset for their financial freedom.

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