FlowLeads App Review

FlowLeads AppFlowLeads is an app that helps businesses to build their mailing list through a secret software. Using cloud based software developed by Precious Ngwu, it expands your email list to viral proportions.

It connects to your autoresponder and grows your mailing list on a daily basis.

It does not work like other viral marketing methods, as it does not focus on viral shares or leads. Instead, what it does do is focus on getting the leads for you.

When the company tested the software on their own business, they found that they were gaining 100-300 new email subscribers a day for no cost. This rapidly increased their income because of the huge email list they had obtained.

FlowLeads App Funnel Steps

How does FlowLeads App Work?

FlowLeads is compatible and works with any email provider. It runs automatically; so once you set it to build your mailing list, you do not have to worry or check up on the function.

It works by attaching the software to a particular market funnel and can be attached to social media campaigns, webinars, list building and product launches.

All you do is set up a goal for each funnel, whether it is to go viral in social media or grow your email list, FlowLeads app automatically sets up the process for you.

How FlowLeads App Work?

You can then keep track of your campaign to see how well it is doing.

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The Benefits

The entire lead generation system is automatically done for you, so it takes out the hard work and gives you one less task to do. Some people have a day job and conduct business in their spare time, so doing everything single handedly can be a difficult thing to do.

Also, some people are not professionals in marketing methods. They may wish to employ marketing specialists but this will come at an extra cost to the business. This, for a growing company, can be a chunk of their expenditure.

The marketing specialist will have to be not only for the task they do but also for their time. If you find you need to employ one on your team, then they become an extra cost to the business.

FlowLeads App works really well at what it does. It does not promise unattainable 1000 customers added to your mailing list a day, nor does it deliver an ineffective 10 to 100.

It gives you a realistic 100 to 300 subscribers which is enough to build your list, but not be flagged as spam. This is very important for not getting your company flagged up as a phishing scam.

The Bads

It costs a whopping $247 to buy the FlowLeads app, which is probably a lot more than most people expect to pay for apps.

However, when you consider how much you may be willing to fork out for marketing campaigns and customer building, then the price seems quite low.

For an effective tool that actually builds your mailing list quickly and gains you real customers and real income, you will earn your $247 back before you know it.

It also takes away the organic means of customer building and growing your mailing list which some people may miss or not like.

If you want to see your company grow organically and appreciate small beginnings and slow growth, then this may not be the app for you. It is probably not the best method for those who prefer a ‘do it yourself’ approach to business growth;¬†which is fine as some people like to take note of how they business grows, one customer by one.

However, if you want to build your mailing list as quickly as possible in a realistic way, then the FlowLeads app will be what you want to use.

My Final Verdict

FlowLeads by Precious NgThe FlowLeads App is a handy addition to your business’ growth. It serves its purpose in getting the leads you need to make your campaign viral.

Review & Rating: 4.7/5.0
Cost: $247.00 (USD)
Vendor: Precious Ng
Availability: From February 27 11 AM EST till March 3 11:59 PM PST
Official Website: Click here
Refund Policy: 100% no-risk 60 days money back guarantee
Support: 24/7 *Within 5 Hours* [Quick] (support@flowleadsapp.com)

Unlike other marketing strategies which simply focus on the end goal of shares, focusing on leads allows you to gain actual customers who are likely to stay with your business and not register it as spam.

FlowLeads is a suitable tool for any business that wants to see results fast. Despite its price, it is a mere fee to pay for the software that you get and the potential it can do for your company.

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