Fearless Netpreneur Review – A Mobimatic App Builder

Fearless Netpreneur Review – A Mobimatic App Builder

Fearless Netpreneur Review – A Mobimatic App Builder

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Businesses today are taking their operations to another level, through the use of everyday mobile applications. Initially, app development was meant for the really smart geeks with high GPAs, cutting us out of the competition until now.

The following is a detailed review of the mobile app builder that will enable you to develop an app within minutes, regardless of your know-how in app development. I introduce to you, Mobimatic.

So what exactly is Fearless Netpreneur?

Fearless Netpreneur is a simple integrated mobile app builder. It is probably the simplest mobile app builder program globally, as it is fully automated. It’s practically a drag and drop app builder.

It is the tool to unlock untapped potential in the world of mobile applications today and earn up to $3000 a month. With the help of this tool, one can make android, iOS and web-based apps in just a few minutes. It uses a cloud-based drag and drop live app builder system for its operations. There is no technical background needed. I know, doesn’t make sense, right? Wrong!

Mobimatic is fully automated. All you need is the data for the app you plan to build, drag and drop them at relevant sections provided in the templates, and it does the rest for you.

The Overview

Developer: Simon Warner.
Co-Developers: Ifiok Nkem, Jon Bowtell and Dr. Ope Banwo.
Product: Mobimatic.
Official product page: Click here.
Niche: Cloud Based.
Release Date: November 9th, 2016 at 11:00 EST.
Front-End Price: $297.
Support Package: $977 per year.
Verdict: See

Some of the applications you can build. Mobimatic can build premium marketing and business apps including:

  • E-commerce apps.
  • Local business apps.
  • Affiliate apps.
  • Membership apps
  • Media apps and
  • WordPress apps.
  • Store and Retail apps.
  • Restaurant, bar & hotel apps.
  • Gym, health & fitness apps.
  • Social community & religious organization apps.

How Fearless Netpreneur Works?

The mobile app building robot uses three simple steps to get your app up and running.

1. Drag & Drop.

Mobimatic is completely integrated. It comes with ready-made simple templates for all fields of applications. All you need is the relevant data related to the business you are building the app for. For example, in the case of a restaurant, the data you need includes the menu, special offers, cashless payment platforms and reservation procedures. With such data at hand, the ready-made templates will guide you on where to drag and drop them.

  • The first thing you have to do is to Log in.
  • From there you need to click on “Create a new application”. This is where you give the app a name for identification for the unique admin dashboard.
  • Next, you shall be redirected to a new page with two windows, a work area, and a preview section. Everything you do in the work area window appears in real time on the preview window. This is a great feature as you are able to see your work growing by the steps. You can work on the
  • Design to play around with theme colors and icons.

2. Configure.

After the data entry, Mobimatic then runs the beta program so you can see just how it looks like and how it will operate. It uses its WYSIWYG builder to do this. It also comes with an easy-to-use adjustment panel if you have any changes you would like to make. At this point, you can integrate the app with social media interactions, live streaming, RSS feeds, as well as Amazon and Click-bank affiliations, making it relatable to current internet traffic.

3. Build.

After previewing the app and making sure you are satisfied, all you need to do next is click the download button. The Mobimatic wizard will do all the heavy lifting work in the background. You get an instant submission to the Play Store for your Android app. For iOS, the app will be submitted to the app store soon after approval, which Mobimatic does for you.

Sales Funnel.

OTO 1: Template club (10 new per month) and FB Mastermind at $47 per month or $197 per year.
OTO 2: Complete constant toolkit plus full installation, sample marketing proposals, PowerPoint presentation slides, business cards/ letterhead templates, bonuses and a complete installation of consultant website, landing page, thank you page, squeeze page and autoresponder. Goes at $47.
Downsell 1: Complete consultant toolkit, (just like in OTO 2) without the installation. Goes for a one-time fee of $97.
Downsell 2: complete consultant toolkit, (just like in OTO 2) without installation and bonuses.


Mobimatic has great support features that make it the ideal mobile app development partner. Such include:

  • A Knowledge base with step by step ready pictorial articles for you to explore and utilize.
  • The Mobimatic Academy. It’s a training section with full video clip tutorials.
  • Mobimatic Business development forum which connects you to more experienced groups and individuals.
    24 hour live chat support, Email & ticket support. The team working in the background offer fast email support, (response in about 15 minutes) and
  • Support response time: 24 hours.

The pros

  • Unlimited downloads: You get unlimited downloads of the Mobimatic resources.
  • Fully white label back office: The Mobimatic logo will not appear anywhere, leaving you looking the ultimate business professional that you are.
  • Push Notification (Pokémon Go GEO Push): Special alerts to inform the user of special offers, coupons etc., whenever the user is at a selected location.
  • Custom Splash screens with readymade templates (backgrounds, icons etc.)
  • Robust Content Management System with contacts hyperlinks.
  • Social share with the ability to add Facebook feeds, Instagram & Picasso gallery, YouTube channels & Vimeo as well as iTunes.
  • Access to e-Commerce platform to sell online and receive payments with full integration with your Shopify store.
  • RSS Feeds, Amazon and click-bank affiliations.
  • Ability to add content restrictions and VIP memberships.
  • Unique Admin dashboard for every app, allowing you close monitoring of the app.
  • Free 30 days risk-free test drive with refunds.

The Cons

Mobimatic is a great product. The cool features speak for themselves. However, it allows app building for only android, iOS and web-based platforms. It would be great to consider Windows Phone users, as they too make a fair share of the population.

The product is free as a promotional launch offer with its premium support package going for $977 per year. And the It may be slightly costly, but hey, the builder is worth so much more as you can make almost double that in a month.

Besides, that fee is what keeps the lights on for Mobimatic, if we are being considerate.


Mobimatic is a great program. The fact that it is completely automated makes it stand out from the crowd. This is a guaranteed investment for those looking for an easy way to make extra cash. I give it 98.7%.

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