Eezygram Review – An Instagram Software by Agus Sakti

Hey, today I am here with my latest review about Eezygram, which is an Instagram graphics design and content creator software created by Agus Sakti. It is pretty much easy to install on your desktop and use. To brief, the review below is followed by a small introduction and then the software features.

We live in a digital age and the world has been reduced into a global village. From instant messaging to video calls, we can connect to our friends and loved ones from one part of the world to the other at the press of a button.

It has not only connected people but also created thousands of jobs to users of the technology. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Skype messenger are just a few but today my focus today will be on Instagram (instant telegram).

With an estimated 600 million users, surely Instagram is the way to share your photos and selfies. Marketers can stream huge revenues due to the mass following, businesses can sell clothes and other products just with social media.

As an enthusiast of Instagram, I had a problem of managing my account from my personal computer. Not all the times would I find high-quality images and create watermark to tell my stories.

One day I shared my concern with a friend about my issue with Instagram and that was the day I learned of Eezygram.

Eezygram - Instagram Watermark Creator SoftwareEezygram is an Instagram graphic design software running on Windows and Mac Os.

With this software, you can find high-quality images, create your watermark and post it directly from your computer.

You can build brand awareness and raise your revenues easily without a smartphone.

So, how does Eezygram work?

It’s pretty simple! All in 3 steps and you are done. First, open it on your computer. From here, you can import your images from your computer. High definition images can also be found from the online library.

Create Instagram Content In 3 Simple Steps

When you find challenges with your images about the size and object opacity, Eezygram easily helps to edit images. You’ll find zoom-in and zoom-out, canvas, select outside canvas to deselect the object, align top-middle-bottom and so many other features.

After installing Eezygram on your computer open it. From there start creating your own watermark and the schedule post or post your images at the press of a button.

The Demo

How is it different?

  • Since Eezygram is integrated with Open ClipArt, you can also use 11.000 vectors. After this, you can schedule your post or post directly and never again worry about posting on your phone.
  • With Eezygram, multiple accounts are also supported. One can easily manage his or her account plus if you have a team, this feature is really helpful for the work.
  • Eezygram comes with emotion icons like the ones on the smartphone.
  • To know whether a caption passes the limit, Max Character Input Caption solves the problem.
  • Eezygram also comes with one-time login security thereby a user doesn’t need to worry re-login whenever he/she wants to use the application.
  • It also comes with full training module that shows you some of the best ways to use Eezygram.

It also comes with BONUSES like Instagram Benefits for Businesses, Start and Grow Your Business and much more. Click here to check the entire list of bonuses.

There are few reasons why I love Eezygram and would recommend buying it if possible…

  • First, the use of high-quality images which may not attain if using a smartphone.
  • Secondly, one can tell a story to deliver your message to your followers.
  • Thirdly, engagement with followers is at maximized and from here on individuals can make money and also pass information to the targeted group.

The issue with the personal brand comes fourth because with Eezygram it can be built with relatively much ease.

With Eezygram any Instagram user can easily create a watermark on image and post to Instagram directly and increase monthly profit easily.

No design skill required… No need to open an advanced image editor…

You can do anything easily using Eezygram applications. It’s very simple to apply and strongly recommended for the Internet Marketers.

What about the cost?

An individual may not be willing to purchase Eezygram because of its price but at $19/month, it’s so much affordable. Others may refuse because they are accustomed to their smartphones but over and above Eezygram is the way to manage your account with a personal computer.

Cost of Eezygram Software

What about the compatibility?

As mentioned above, Eezygram can be supported only on two platforms that is Windows and the Mac OS. To be able to optimize the use of Eezygram,

  • the minimum Mac OS version supported is MacOS Yosemite 10.10 and
  • for windows, the minimum operating system is windows 7. Both 32bit and 64bit.

In conclusion, it sounds obvious why Instagram is the most preferred social network for businesses and companies like NIKE and why they spend so much on advertising and management. I bet you try Eezygram.

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