DFY Marketing Templates Review

DFY Marketing TemplatesDFY Marketing Templates is a complete library of Fill-in-the-Blanks and Time-Tested Marketing Templates.

Business marketing can be a big challenge not because it is difficult, but mainly due to the time-convenience and effort needed to come up with strategies that will work.

DFY Marketing Templates are offered for online entrepreneurs who want to quickly market their products and attract more customers for their offers.

The templates cover a broad spectrum of business marketing needs including email marketing, blogging, social media, publicity, advertising, outsourcing, content marketing, networking, affiliate management and marketing, online selling and product creation.

Ron Douglas and Alice SebaWho created it?

The templates are designed by two remarkably experienced online marketers; Ron Douglas (best-selling author) and Alice Seba (million dollar content marketer).

Both have a combined 30 years of experience in the field.

What You Can Expect with DFY Marketing Templates?

DFY Marketing Templates is offered for people who;

  • are falling behind on marketing tasks due to time constraints
  • are looking for the next business growth strategy
  • want a cost effective way to outsource marketing and train their employees
  • are struggling to implement business growth strategies
  • need more results from existing clients
  • want to add more value to their offers.

DFY Marketing Templates are offered basically to help entrepreneurs comprehensively assign and manage their business growth and marketing activities.

DFY Template PackagesEach month, you will be given several fill-in-the-blanks templates focusing on a given marketing need, as well as insider strategies that Ron and Alice have used to achieve their respective success.

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What you get?

Within the available packages, you will get the following business marketing and growth tools;

  • Marketing templates for email marketing
  • Blogging, social media and networking tools
  • Content marketing and outsourcing
  • Affiliate marketing and affiliate management
  • Product creation and online selling techniques
  • Advertising insights.

DFYTemplates Insiders

Together, DFY Marketing Templates will help you:

  • grow your audience,
  • sell more products,
  • efficiently and cost-effectively outsource your content and services,
  • boost your rates,
  • attract more clients through the developer’s package,
  • create and add value to your products.

It does not only improve your organization but simply gives you all the templates you need to facilitate all forms of business marketing. All you need to do is fill-in the blank spaces!

You will also receive various bonuses including:

  • Conversion Boosting Power PackLimited Time Bonuses - DFY Marketing Templates
  • 115 Personal Development & Success Social Media Graphic Packs
  • 470 Personal Development & Success Ready-to-Post Tweets
  • 10 Checklist Bonus Pack

There are three options available for those interested. These include the following;

    • Personal rights: This is the cheapest option in the pack. It gives you the monthly templates and insider tips as well as the four bonuses. You also get the full rights to edit and use the templates to market your own business. This package is priced from $19.97.
    • Developer rights: This second option gives you everything you get in the personal rights package. Additionally, you get the full rights to edit and use the templates to grow your business and also help your friends market their own businesses using the templates. It comes at a fee of $24.97.
    • Private label: This is the ultimate option as it gives you all the features and rights from both personal and developer packages. You get the full rights to use the templates to help your clients market their business. You can edit, rebrand and sell the templates as your own. This offer is provided starting from $29.97

DFYTemplates License and Rights

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Money Back Guarantee

You can try any package risk free for 30 days before making the decision to buy into DFY Marketing Templates.

You will also be given tips on how to leverage templates to maximize benefits and grow your business.

The Goods

The advantages of DFY Marketing Templates are quite obvious and straightforward. Marketing tasks are labor-intensive and creating the templates and content on your own will demand hours in front of a computer.

DFY gives you a chance to skip all this heavy duty and go straight into marketing. The templates provided cover all aspects of business marketing from content and product creation to communication, email marketing, advertising and marketing in social media.

With these templates, you will be able to note what your business has been lacking and how you can take advantage of all marketing strategies available (practical to your business).

Whether you need content or cannot find the right words to send a marketing/advertising/branding message, these fill-in-the-blank templates will give you an easy way out.

It is also fair to say you will be learning in the process and the insider tips will help you grow your business like an expert. The templates give you a piece of mind and convenience if not saving you more time to focus on other important business requirements.

What’s more? DFY Marketing Templates are offered by experienced professionals with 30 years in the industry. Both Ron and Alice have successfully made numerous products and sold millions of dollars so these are templates and insights you can trust.

The bads

Although there are many good things about DFY Marketing Templates, a few concerns have been raised.

One problem with templates is that you are put on the same level with every other business in your niche and there is no competitive edge to acquire.

Nonetheless, you will get tips on how to leverage and personalize the templates to your business’ advantage.

Another issue is the lack of translation especially if you need the templates translated in another language to suite your foreign clients.

My Final Verdict

The key benefits of having business marketing templates cannot be overstated, but you need to find high quality tools that are practical and usable for your own case.

It is always advisable to take your time and review all offers before trying them and DFY gives you 30 day to determine if the templates suite your business.

If you are just starting with online marketing, templates can be a quick way to learn how the online business works. Otherwise, you will need to buy or download books to read and try to grasp a few insights.

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