CBS Formula Review and Bonus

The CBS FormulaCBS Formula created by Precious Ng and Damon Nelson is an “all-in-one” system (training + software) that takes you (even if you’ve never made any money online before) from ZERO to $1,000/Day in less than 7 days.

It involves everything you need from creating your products to making sales on autopilot. CBS Formula is considered one of the most complete internet business success program existing online in 2017.

The course includes exact blueprint that has made Precious Ng and Damon Nelson millions of dollars online yearly. Also, it gives you the entire automation software that they’re using to get the job done.

In a nutshell, you get all the training, software, resources and coaching you need to start making $1,000/Day.

Launch Date: January 16, 2017

The CBS formula is very simple to understand. It simply stands for Create, Build, and Sell. However, the translation of the formula is powerful enough to assure your business growth and development.

The CBS Formula

This formula has simplified all the online marketing techniques, and has assured the user that at the end of any business transaction is making you money, and you cannot achieve this if you don’t sell anything.

DEMO of The CBS Formula Program

Watch how to create fast selling products in hours, build a huge list within hours and become super profitable before the end of 7th day.

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What’s Inside the CBS Formula Program?

  1. The Holy Grail Formula to Discovering “Profit ZERO Sub-Niches” You’ll Dominate in Days: Learn how to discover & harvest these niches in minutes and with no expertise at all.
  2. The Desperate Product Strategy: Discover how to create a product that will attract visitors, how you can instantly build their hunger and make them desperate to buy your product even before it hits the shelves.
  3. Perfect Product Type to Sell: Discover the biggest grossing products types that are very easy to create.
  4. The Speed Secret Hack: A brand new and a completely underground method that just a handful of prolific 7 figure marketers know about.
  5. Underground Power Email List Setup (5,000-10,000 Subscribers in Your First Month): Watch how to get hundreds/thousands emails set-up within your first 3 months.
  6. GUARANTEED 100-300 New Leads/Day: An autopilot method which is something better, more powerful, requires no attention, super cheap and gets lots of real buyer leads for you daily for pennies and it works in any niche.
  7. Extra 70-120 Subscribers Daily FREE
  8. Emergency Traffic Gobbling Method: With this method, you can drive thousands of visitors to your lead capture pages, sales pages and websites for just pennies in under 24 hours.
  9. The Easiest 6 Figure Copy Hack: Watch how you can create a high converting sales copy with potential of generating over $100,000 in revenue within just hours, you won’t have to struggle for days or weeks or spend lots of money to get your first sales copy that will make you money or fork over hundreds to thousands of dollars to sales page designers.
  10. The Hunger Creation and Buzz Buildup Blueprint (Sellers Secret Gold Rush Plan): Discover how to effortlessly create massive hunger for your products even before they hit the market and have massive buzz surrounding every product you release that will now convert into thousands of easy sales for you.
  11. The Sales Mailing Formula: The exact FRAME by FRAME mailing formula that’ll make you a ton of money whenever you use it to sell a product.
  12. Sales Funnel Mastery – Key to TRIPLING Your Sales Effortlessly with Almost ZERO Work : Deep Funnel Marketing.
  13. Funnel Steaming Operation: Plasters your products all over visitor’s face and follow them wherever they go, this will allow you to market them with different angles until they buy.
  14. Money Printing Post Funnel Strategy (High Ticket Secret): Discover how to run post funnel offers that result in big paydays and will never consume your personal time nor require lots of money to fulfill.

Huh! Are you looking for more? Isn’t it enough?

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Features of CBS Formula [An Automation Software]

  • Lead Generation: When it’s time to make your grounds stable on the online market, it does not necessarily mean that you have to invest all your money in getting workers to work for you. It’s a matter of finding a way to generate your lead and create effective traffic on your site, and returns are guaranteed.
  • 6 figure business setup: Stop learning your business with the limited mindset simply because you don’t dress like other business persons or you are not in the same cluster with them. The online market does not concentrate on the physical appearance of a person.

It’s far beyond the expectations of the person. It solidly depends on the skills and technique you put in place.

  • Business automation: There is the difference between succeeding in real time business and that on online marketing. It’s, therefore, vital to automate your business to meet the online standards.

Join the millions of online business people who enjoy the help of Ng CBS formula in their business and be sure to make guaranteed returns. This formula is proved to work within short season even to the small business operators around the globe.

Real-time business requires you to invest your time, money and efforts while online business needs you to have the best tactics and strategies to get you to the next level.

  • Hand-holding and live coaching: It is believed that we learn by making mistakes. This should not be the case for you if you embark on getting the help on a product that proves to work. There are others who have succeeded in the business ahead of you.

This means, once you buy our product, you will get live coaching from others to ensure that your business gets its ground on the online market.

You will receive training videos and tools from our expert time on how to use the product and how it will help generate traffic to your site which in return means you will start to pocket money just like all the other successful business people around you.

  • Readymade products: CBS formula illustrates how you will make the satisfactory venture in the business you are in. You don’t have to generate the products personally.

You can have the privilege of acquiring products that are ready from other vendors and sell them on your site and still make money from them. There is a call for an agreement between different vendors to ensure that the business takes its course.

You are the overall controller of your business. You may choose to give bonuses to every client that buys or finds products from your site. This way you will not only be generating traffic to your site but getting the chance of expanding your business wings to the next generation of product.

To brief, benefits of CBS Formula are:
  • Business automation
  • Lead generation
  • Easy to use
  • Training videos
  • Live coaching
  • The Internet business setup
Any Problems?

It may take a while to understand the whole process of the CBS formula, so have patience before you start making money.

My Final verdict

You don’t have to keep thinking of how you will develop personal products for you to get on the market. Take advantage of a formula that is created with the interest of your business at heart.

With CBS formula, your company will make another diversion and start succeeding. Change the name you call your business and make it a company from the small online business you are used to calling it. Invest your time appropriately and take the time to study new online skills.

Promoting your business online goes beyond just posting things on your social media accounts. You are beyond the Facebook level by adding CBS formula in the recipe of your business.

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