Anik Singal’s Publish Academy Reviews

Publish Academy Publish Academy, is a new digital course by Anik Singal that teaches you everything you need to know to create your very own product (can say a course, a program, a software or anything) online.

In short, it teaches you how to publish your own digital product successfully.

Publish Academy program has 2 payment plans /levels:

Gold Level: Costs $797 one-time fee,
Platinum Level: Costs $1,997 one-time fee OR 3 months payments plan of $797.

The Gold Level contains everything you need to know to become information marketers and online entrepreneurs, while the Platinum Level just takes it a step further, with extra hand holding, extra software tools, and just mind blowing value!

Any more Investments?

Of course it has! If you heard that it needs no further investment, then it is just good to be true. Click here to learn more.

What Does Publish Academy Include?

The course has been divided into modules, Q & A sessions, a community for members and unlimited training at each step. In addition, you get amazing bonuses if you buy through >> this link <<

16 Incredible Value-Packed Course Components…

1. Video Training Modules
There are 7 in-depth training modules from Anik and his master coaches on creating a profitable digital product or business from scratch. You will be able to advance through the members area at your own pace module by module. You will have life-time access to the training.

2. 90 Days of Open Q&A Plus Coaching
All the members get access to DAILY LIVE Q&A for the first 30 days of the program AND unlimited Q&A interaction with the trainers for the first three months (regardless of one’s time zone.)

3. A Private Forum
As always, Anik has a private forum for all the members to connect and interact with each other. You can ask/post as many questions and get other members’ input.

4. 3 Virtual Weekend Workshops
Publish Academy students get FREE access to 3 complete virtual events over a 4-month period. Instead of conducting LIVE Events, they will be conducting entire weekend long – interactive – workshops where all the members from all over the WORLD can join.

5. Guided Skills Training for 90 days (Skills Training Academy)
Not only will you learn some important skills, but also tie in with fun and competitive challenges so the members will focus on creating their digital product while Anik ensure that you take massive action!

6. Traffic Academy
Get trained on the most effective traffic methods, may it be free or paid traffic methods. It is something similar to the one Anik offered in List Academy program (if you had access to it).

7. Brain Tank
Anik will hand pick one of the members doing something unique and different, interview them and then reverse engineer their entire business and publish it to all Publish Academy members! All the members will be able to grow their business by getting first-level access every month to #1 leaders for an entire year! This is seriously HOT stuff!

8. Experts by Association
Even with zero knowledge, you members will be able to create their your product in any niche in 10 days or less! It is a simple way to create your own digital product by using other people’s expertise.

9. Safe Hire
Publish Academy members will be able to access the premier resources for every step throughout the product creation. Safe Hire community will list the absolute greatest copywriters, designers, programmers, video editors and more to make your product perfect!

10. Done For You Niches
Okay now, this are the same packs that Anik Singal’s other programs like inbox blueprint, list academy and profit academy contain. You will be given exclusive reports where Anik evaluates the top niches for digital publishing.

11. Copy’n’Paste Business Models
Anik shares magic price points, best working sales funnels, his own product’s whole sales process, product, marketing, back end… EVERYTHING. Simply copy and paste it to your own niche and business!

Anik SingalAnik on one of the interviews says: “Publish Academy goes SSSOOO far beyond your standard info product, we’ve really gone all out. There will be weekly live webinars with Q&A sessions, constantly manned forums, live events, bundles of software and tools, and much more. The value for money is amazing!”

Breakthrough of Publish Academy Course Modules

  • Module 1 centers around niche research and selection.
  • Module 2 teaches our members about Product Creation.
  • Module 3 discusses Funnel Creation.
  • Module 4 centers around Classroom Creation.
  • Module 5 dives into Sales Messaging
  • Module 6 reviews Ignition Launches
  • Module 7 centers around Business Growth

An Interesting Fact!

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